Shoe-shop thieves get off on the wrong foot

time:2023-05-28 18:07:04 source:The Washington Post

Criminals in Peru appear to have wrong-footed themselves during a robbery at a shoe store.

Three people broke into the shop in the central city of Huancayo and made off with more than 200 trainers - but they were all for the right foot.

The shop owner estimates that they have a value of more $13,000 (£10,000) - although the thieves may struggle to sell them on.

The lame attempt at a lucrative robbery was captured by security cameras.

The footage shows the criminals breaking the padlock on the shop's shutter in the middle of the night and using a tricycle to take boxes of trainers from different brands.

Local police chief Eduan Díaz told Peruvian media: "We have gathered evidence at the scene. The unusual thing about this robbery is that shoes from only the right foot have been stolen.

"With the footage and the fingerprints, we will be able to locate those individuals".

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