Memex System. Licensed under Public Domain.

Aspen virtual reality mapping environment. Courtesy of Computer history museum

An example of a screen implemented in HyperCard. Courtesy of Jakob Nielsen / Link:

User experience elements. Link:

xanadu system - abstract recreation of Ted Nelson diagram. Image: Karolos Talvis. Courtesy of

In game screenshot - Social Life. Via Wikipedia. Link: Creative Commons Attribution License.

Screenshot from we feel fine app. Author: Jonathan Harris. Link:

Screenshot of 'Ten by ten' web application. Author: Xu Liu , Comments by: Sandro Fouché,  UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND. Link:

Illustration of multimodal interaction. Courtesy of

Illustration of a CSCW Matrix. Courtesy of Creative Commons Attribution.

Illustration of popularity rank. Courtesy of

Screenshot of winamp application. Courtesy of Copyright winamp.

Hackerspace team in Bremen. Courtesy of

Illustration of socio-technical design. Courtesy of Creative Commons.

ESP GAME SCREENSHOT. Author : Thomas Erickson. Via

Screenshot of Pebble watch kickstarter success. Courtesy

A part of the city of Tacloban before and after it was mapped by the Humanitarian OSM Team. Roads, buildings, and bodies of water were missing before volunteers added them.Author: Robert Banich - @RBanick. Screenshot published on Twitter.

Review from amazon client. Screenshot.

Screenshot of the original NeXT web browser in 1993 (Image: Berners-Lee/CERN)

Models are presented to attempt to explain the observed general trends in article growth. Courtesy of Wikipedia.Creative Commons Attribution.

Compare what's been typed into the edit box (bottom) to what's in the preview portion of the page (top).Courtesy of Wikipedia.Creative Commons Attribution.